Should You Take One of Those SAT Preparation Course?

The SAT is one of the most important tests you will ever take, as it will set the future of your academic career. With too many test-takers on the line, you have to give it your best shot. And because most colleges nowadays look for a certain score on the SAT test as part of the admission requirements, more and more students and parents are beginning to think of an answer to this particular question – should you take one of those SAT preparation course?

The answer? Maybe. An aspiring SAT taker must base his decision according to several factors including the course’s effectiveness, reviews, and results. He should also consider the budget on hand, the time needed to complete the course and his availability, as well as the type of preparation course he should be taking. Companies that have a money-back guarantee would also be favorable for you in case you are dissatisfied with the course given to you. And most importantly, professionalism of the course provider should also be evaluated.

Most SAT preparation classes are accelerated, weekly programs that are usually conducted by skilled and experienced instructors. Normally, they provide several review questions and practice exams, along with helpful and proven test-taking strategies that you can use on the SAT test proper. With a proper choice of test preparation course, these classes can be an outstanding tool for you to ace your SAT exam.

Your overall goals determine if a class is good or not for you. When setting goals, first you need to ask yourself the following questions:

What particular score are you aiming to get? Do you want to get the highest score possible to get a chance at most competitive colleges? Or are you aiming for the minimum acceptable score range for majority of colleges?

You have an advantage if you are a competitive student in high school and you have achieved a lot of accomplishments. In this case, aside from the chance of qualifying to good colleges, getting a high SAT score will give you for chance for a merit aid – a certain amount of money allowance given to students based on their achievements. The money you will get from your merit aid can save you thousands of dollars from your college tuition fees, so at the end of the day, getting yourself into a test preparation course can be worth all the time and money you spend.


Decided in taking a prep course? First, you need to ensure you are maximizing your money’s worth. Preparation courses are offered to student of all skill levels – that’s why most of its questions focus on test-taking skills. It is perfectly fine, if that is the support that you need. But if not, seeking the help of a tutor to exclusively take a closer look at your strengths and weaknesses would be of great help. Address the areas that you are not so good at, and ask for a real-time feedback from him. If you are able to do these, you will get better results while making a better use of your time.

However, some preparation courses may cause a negative effect to some students in terms of efficiency. Peer distractions may interfere with their ability to focus and they sometimes tend to be too shy to ask questions because of they have this fear of embarrassment. These hindrances can be avoided through one-on-one tutoring. It will also make a student more relaxed thus making him more focused on preparing for the upcoming test.


Aside from getting into a full-pledged prep course, you will have to make use of other test resources to gear up for the SAT. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Search for preparation books and practice manuals in your school or a local library. If they are not available there, you can purchase these books at the nearest bookstore.
  2. Check out the test prep software or services, like, available on the internet. These are programs that include review questions, practice tests, test-taking strategies, and interactive lessons. You can get these programs at a cost not higher than $50.
  3. Visit your favorite search engine and seek for websites that offer free practice tests, review questions, and study guide. Most sites also provide free advises and tips for a successful test-taking.
  4. Enroll yourself at a workshop in your school. This can either be paid or free, you just have to ask your guidance counselor to see if this is available at your school.