How to Study Past Year Paper

The most successful students are the ones who know how to play the system. It is one thing knowing and understanding the material in any course, but the true key to success is how to deliver it in exams and in projects. This delivery to giving the examiner what they want can be the difference between an A and a B, or even less. Therefore one of the key elements to success is to study previous exams, understand the questions, and know what the examiner wishes the student to write down. How to study past year paper will put the student in a very powerful position when it comes to exam time.

One of the most effective ways to become a success is to try and form a study group with other students. If at all possible, try and form it with students who have a slightly higher ability than you. But do not choose students who are way above your level, because they will likely skip material that you need to understand.

By selecting similar standing students, you will cover the majority of the material, and because their ability is slightly higher than yours, they will be able to teach you, and bring you up to speed.

In contrast, you too may have understood certain aspects of the course better, and so be able to teach them. This giving and receiving of information helps to cement the knowledge into your brain, thus being readily available on the day of the test. When you teach, you all so often are able to really understand the material, as you are logically explaining it to another person.

When forming the groups, do not just limit yourself to your friends. In fact it is better not to, as if you study with friends, you will likely get very little done as you will spend your time socializing. Choosing people you don’t know very well is a better bet, and gives you a more professional feeling as well. After all, in the working world, who will you be working with? Unlikely you will work with your friends.

Once the group is established, picking up past exam papers to study will be your next logical step. Although it is unlikely the questions will be the same in the final exam, at the very least, the structure, questioning format and what to expect is very likely to be what you will experience in the exam. This preparation is essential to be successful. There is nothing worse than getting into an exam and being terrified because you don’t know what to expect. If you take away that fear, then you are half way to be successful, and can immediately start putting your exam game plan into action.

By studying past exam papers in your study group, you can together work out what you can expect to see in the exam. It’s very rare that the entire course will be covered, and so using the process of elimination, it’s reasonable to be able to predict what will be in the test. If you are also very lucky, your teacher may also give you hints as to what to study for as well.

Once you have identified the likely contents of the exam, the next stage is to write a list containing key points and information. You may also wish to review text books and other source materials to fully fill your mind with the pertinent facts.

By writing this list out will provide you with a clear and logical path to follow. It means you are far less likely to wander off track and procrastinate. Therefore your time will be spent efficiently, focused on your task at hand and provide you with the knowledge you need in order to pass the exam with flying colors.

Furthermore, with your study group, you can share out the workload to enable you all to be well set up to focus your efforts on learning, rather than the logistics of it all.

How to study past year paper is an essential ingredient to passing exams successfully and with high grades. Understanding what the examiner wants is a major component and being able to deliver this information will put you on the path to success.